Wood & Wire Valchromat Kitchens

Valchromat Kitchens

Ten years since launching our signature plywood kitchen we’ve unveiled a stunning new Valchromat kitchen now on display at our Hebden Bridge Showroom.

The new design builds on our ever-popular mid-century-inspired aesthetic, which until now has used birch ply and bespoke – often bold – colourways to create highly customisable kitchens. Like these signature kitchens, this new style mixes classic design with contemporary living, but uses Valchromat ‘engineered wood’ to achieve a modernist look that’s more recent in its inspiration.

Valchromat Kitchen in yellow and blue colour

Our new bespoke Valchromat kitchens complement our mid-century inspired aesthetic, mixing classic design with contemporary living. This new kitchen concept achieves a modernist look that’s more recent in its material inspiration. At Wood & Wire, we offer a fully bespoke design, manufacture and installation service so the final ‘look’ of our custom-made Valchromat kitchens are always unique to you. We’ve got a lot of experience making bespoke kitchens. We have the expertise to create the perfect bespoke kitchen for you. A kitchen that you’ll love for many years to come.

Valchromat Kitchens New Design

The combination of laminate faced through colour core carcasses provides endless colour options for our new Valchromat kitchens launched in 2019. This is perfect for clients who love to express their personality in everything they do.

Our founder Jim Leach, says, “We love the look, strength and authenticity of birch ply, and now we can use Valchromat’s unique coloured core to open up some amazing new creative possibilities in terms of design and colourways, so customers can have even more choice and personalisation – something they really value. The new Valchromat kitchen really captures that, showcasing some stunning features and subtle details we weren’t producing until now. ”

Valchromat Kitchen Yellow

Alternatively, we can manufacture exclusively in Valchromat. Whatever you desire, we’re here to help you bring it to life. You can select worktops from our displayed brands such as Cosentino Silestone, Cosentino Dekton and Dupont.  Prefer a different worktop? That’s OK. You can supply yourself, or we can take care of that for you. It’s all part of our service. When it comes to appliances, we’re authorised displaying dealers of BORA, QUOOKER and SIEMENS, so we’re sure we can match you to the right appliances too. Tell us about your dream kitchen and we’ll accommodate your needs. We create bespoke hand-made Valchromat kitchens to fit you and your lifestyle perfectly.

Valchromat Kitchen Manufacturer

Valchromat is still a relatively new material in kitchen manufacturing, and we’ve chosen to offer the option because it shares many of the practical advantages of plywood but with unique properties of its own, like a coloured ‘through-core’ which offers aesthetic possibilities rival materials can’t match. Its environmental credentials also fit with our ethical ethos: Valchromat is fully recyclable, is coloured using organic dyes and is manufactured with recycled waste wood.

Each of our bespoke Valchromat kitchens doesn’t just look great; they’re designed to stand the test of time as well. We manufacture our Valchromat kitchen cabinets at our own workshop (Yorkshire, UK) from highest quality materials and laminates. Do you have a project with us and want to come and see its progress, or just say hi? Let us know. Our workshop is open to clients and our team will always be happy to see you.

Modern Valchromat Kitchens

Inspired by modernism, our Valchromat kitchen complements different architectural styles and satisfies individual design tastes without ever feeling dated. Our Valchromat kitchens cleverly combine the very best modern technology with tried and tested cabinet making skills.

Jim loves how the new Valchromat kitchen which offers design features like shadow details and shadow gaps in runs of cabinets. Radius corners help to soften the overall look, with overlaid doors now an option instead of conventional inset ones often found with ply. While many Wood & Wire customers mix two or three colours in their kitchen, now there’s greater scope for long runs of cabinets with matching panel faces, creating a more unified look.

Last but not least, we believe in honest pricing. We want to give every client every opportunity to have great British design and build without compromise.  Our aim is to create for you a beautiful bespoke kitchen that makes you smile every time you enter the room.  That’s what makes us smile.

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