What is Valchromat? – Find out more about this innovative ‘through core’ colour material

Valchromat Kitchen Yellow

Valchromat is the trade name of an engineered coloured wood produced by a manufacturer called Investwood.  Its fibres are coloured, which gives the material a ‘through core’ colour. Don’t be confused though: this material isn’t the same as coloured MDF, and in fact it isn’t MDF at all, but rather an evolution of MDF. Clear as mud?  We’ll explain a bit more.

History of Valchromat

It might seem like a new material but this material has actually been around for over 20 years. Born in 1998 from a desire to improve existing wood-based products on the market, Valchromat was the result of a two-year research project by materials specialists. On its release, the product proudly won 1st prize for Product Introduction and 1st prize for Technological Innovation during the Approval fair.

Since then, the material has been tested to various industrial standards and continuously used and promoted among architects, designers and other specifying areas of industry. In turn, that’s earned it a coveted reputation as the leading name in engineered boards.

Valchromat Vs MDF

The main differences between Valchromat and MDF are:

  • Is much more resistant to water
  • Is much stronger than MDF
  • Can be machined in three dimensions
  • Has a greater resistance to bending
  • Requires less finishing
  • Has a lower abrasion of tools

Valchromat Features

During its production, each individual wood fibre is coloured by impregnating it with organic dyes, before they’re bonded together with a special resin that gives the material its unique features when compared to MDF. Visible on its surface are small wood fibres that didn’t absorb the dyes during production, and these give it a unique appearance. Because its main raw material is wood, Valchromat also mimics the satisfying differences of tonality found in wood.

Advantages of Valchromat

  • Coloured throughout, which makes it easy to repair damage like scratches.
  • Easy to machine yet 30% stronger than MDF.
  • Non-toxic, with formaldehyde emissions at the lowest EU limits for wood-based materials
  • Greater load resistance, which makes it more resilient to bending.
  • Tool friendly and requires little or no sanding.
  • Moisture resistant, which means it can be used indoors and out.
  • Fire retardant and compliant to EN13501.

Is Valchromat Eco-friendly?

You’ll be pleased to know that this “through core” material has some pretty good ‘eco’ credentials, which is why we’ve chosen it to use on our new Valchromat Kitchens. which we launched in 2019.

It can be recycled, and the Investwood manufacturing plant is licensed for that purpose.

Wherever possible, Investwood produce this material using postindustrial waste from sawmills, wood pallets etc.

The Valchromat production plant holds a chain of custody certificate to supply FSC sourced materials. Learn more about FSC here

Only organic dyes are used in its production.

Its formaldehyde emissions are in the lowest category set by the EU for wood-based materials.

The production of the material aims to reduce environmental impact by manufacturing without waste. Any waste produced by manufacturing is re-used to fuel the steam boiler.

The Valchromat manufacturing plant generates enough biomass to fulfill its energy requirements without burning fossil fuels.

Valchromat Finishes

Valchromat can be finished in various ways and will accept products like matte or gloss varnish, and wax or hard wax oil. Below you’ll find some approved finishing partners as recommended by Investwood.


Types of finishes: gloss, semi-gloss, matte.

CIN/ VALENTINE – Iberian market | www.cin.pt | www.valentine.es
SIKA – International | www.sika.com
CIRANOVA – International |
BARPIMO – International | www.barpimo.com


Types of finishes: gloss, semi-gloss, matte.

DIVERSEY | www.diversey.com
CIRANOVA – International |


Types of finishes: matte

RUBIO MONOCOAT | www.rubiomonocoat.com
GENERAL IRON FITTINGS| www.ironfittings.com.br
CIRANOVA – Internacional |

Digital Printing

L2 SPIRIT | www.l2.pt

Valchromat Thickness and Sizes

Thickness: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm and 3mm
Panel size: 2440 x 1200mm, 2440 x 1830mm, 3660 x 1220mm, 3660 x 2440mm
Panels are supplied unfinished

Valchromat Colours

Although Valchromat colours are currently limited to a palette of 10, when it’s used as a kitchen carcass material and combined with a full spectrum palette of laminates and veneers, the combinations are endless.

Light Gray SLG
Gray SCZ
Black SBL
Chocolate Brown SCB
Yellow SYW
Orange SOR
Violet SRM
Blue SGR
Mint Green SGM

To learn more about Valchromat Engineered Coloured Wood, visit the Valchromat website www.valchromat.pt