Silestone Worktops – All benefits of a stone worktop at an affordable price

Silestone worktops

Silestone worktops

A Silestone worktop is a common choice for those who want all the benefits of a stone worktop at an affordable price. Offering low maintenance, stain and bacteria resistance, Silestone highlights the natural beauty of stone whilst enhancing its characteristics.
What is Silestone worktop?
Silestone by Cosentino is a brand of a quartz worktop. Manufactured by this global leader in natural quartz and stone architectural surfaces for over 25 years. Silestone is a combination of ground natural quartz 90%, granite, resin, antibacterial agent and pigment. Silestone fabricated sheet material is available in large sizes so it’s ideal for worktops, floors and cladding.
How is Silestone worktop made?
Silestone Cosentino is made pouring a quartz ground mixture into sheet moulds. Vibration and suction are applied to remove air and to compress the mixture. Sheets are baked at 100degrees and cooled naturally before trimming and polishing. Silestone quartz worktop is available in 90+ colours and 3 textures (polished, suede and volcano).
Is Silestone environmentally friendly?
Silestone Eco Line,  is a new range manufactured from 75% recycled materials such as mirror, glass, porcelain, earthenware and vitrified ash. Embracing sustainability whilst maintaining the design and quality associated with Silestone kitchen worktops, this range is the eco alternative for environmentally conscious consumers and has GREENGAURD GOLD certifications.

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What are the advantages of Silestone worktops?

Guaranteed:  25-years
Stain Resistance: Quartz is naturally stain-resistant preventing liquid, dirt or bacteria taking hold.
Acid Resistance: Silestone has high-level acid resistance because of its quartz composition (the hardest mineral on earth).
Scratch Resistance: Excellent durability against scratches so your worktop will look newer for longer.
Colour Range: Available in 90+ colours and 3 different surface finishes, there’s no limit to how you can use this material to match a scheme. Slabs are available in 1400 x 3060mm and 3250 x 1590mm sizes and are available in 12mm, 20mm and 30mm thicknesses.
Expense: Its cost can be comparable to granite but is generally the preferred alternative due to its low maintenance and enhanced durability.


What are the disadvantages of Silestone worktops?

Not fully repairable:  Relatively weak along its edges so chips can occur if impacted. Repairs are not invisible
Maintenance: Requires regular deep cleaning with specially designed Q-Action cleaner, which will remove stains and keep the worktop looking great.
Heat Sensitive: Silestone isn’t completely heatproof, it can withstand steamers but its surface should be protected from hot pans.
UV Sensitive: Not suitable for outdoor use, Silestone is UV sensitive.

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Expensive // Cheaper
Engineered Stone // Solid Surface
25 year warranty // 10 year warranty
Slightly porous // Non porous
Non repairable // Repairable
Needs some care // Easy care
High resistance to scratching // Poor resistance to scratching
90+ colours // 80+ Colours
Sensitive to heat // Sensitive to heat
Not sensitive to acid // Sensitive to acid
Low or no Radon // No Radon
Resistant to mould and bacteria // Resistant to mould and bacteria


Silestone Care

Silestone – How to clean
Cosentino recommends Specialist cleaner Q- Action. Do not allow prolonged contact with bleach for more than 12 hours because this will cause a loss of sheen.
Can Silestone be repaired?
Accidental chips or scratches can be repaired, although repairs are visible.
Are Silestone worktops heat resistant?
Although this material can withstand high temperatures for short periods of time its performance varies based on different factors. Because of this do not expose the surface to sustained heat contact.
Silestone care instructions

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