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When Willi Brukbauer patented his first BORA hob with downdraft extractor back in 2006 his intention was to make a more attractive kitchen the most important part of the house. With years of experience in the kitchen sector, he knew how traditional extractor hoods are loud, ineffective and design restrictive. With many a kitchen scheme spoilt by the uncompromising requirements of an overhead extractor, the BORA cooking system resolves this. Combining its super quiet yet efficient downdraft extractor with a sleek, easy clean cooking surface, the BORA cooktop does two jobs with one appliance.
The BORA Principle
The principle of the BORA air venting hob is a simple one. Rather than sucking cooking vapours up into an overhead extractor, the BORA hob extractor draws them down into its cooktop at a speed greater than rising vapours. The BORA extractor does this with such efficiency the result is a smell and steam-free environment, great news for anyone with an open plan kitchen. And the BORA principle has caught on, with leading brands such as Bosch, Siemens and Neff all bringing out their own extractor hobs, desperate to compete in this brand new market sector.
BORA Today
After 13 years, the multiple award winner, BORA extractor hob is still the best in its class, synonymous with effectiveness, quality and design. The original downdraft hob. This is why at Wood & Wire, we couldn’t wait to become a BORA UK stockist and install a working display of the BORA Pure and the BORA Classic at our Hebden Bridge showroom in Yorkshire. Come and experience for yourself, the benefits of a BORA downdraft extractor hob.

We are authorised BORA distributors – Yorkshire – Manchester – Cheshire – York – Leeds – Halifax – Bradford – Huddersfield – UK

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Advantages of a BORA Hob

BORA – Clear View

No annoying head-height extractor hoods

A BORA hob with built-in extractor means freedom from the constraints of conventional extractor hoods. No edges or corners at head height. Restriction to visibility eliminated. No stooped stance.

Interact with family and guests with a clear view


BORA – Quiet Operation

Much quieter than conventional extractor hoods

Traditional extractors operate at around 70dB (A) directly at head height. BORA extraction is quite different because it’s quieter than frying a steak even when set to the highest level, possible only because of its technology.

Chatting and listening to music whilst cooking is now much more enjoyable.


BORA – Fresh Air

Steam and odour free cooking

A BORA extractor fan draws away odours and grease particles directly from the pan which prevents cooking vapours from rising and spreading. Grease particles released during cooking get trapped into the washable stainless steel grease filter makes you feel like you’re cooking in the fresh air.

No more steamy glasses or smelly clothes


BORA – Best Materials

Only the highest grade materials used

BORA kitchen appliances only use high-quality materials which ensure excellent degrees of functionality and long life. Design without comprise means using pure stainless steel and heavy-metal-free glass-ceramic. BORA promises that cooking with them with offer long-lasting delight.

Great value, long-lasting, high-quality manufacturing


BORA – Design Freedom

The new benchmark for kitchen design

A BORA hob with extractor opens up a whole new range of kitchen design options. Virtually everything is possible; Cooking by the window or under the eaves, cooker islands with no annoying hoods, more room for top cupboards in small kitchens, seamless minimalism.

Place your hob anywhere


BORA – Simple Cleaning

Designed for easy maintenance

Cleaning conventional extractor hoods is complicated and time-consuming. A BORA venting hob is impressive when it comes to cleaning. All three movable parts can be easily removed without the use of tools and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Less time spent cleaning, more time yourself


BORA – Effectiveness

100% Cleanrate

Extractor performance is assessed with DIN EN61591. This measures the fan power, reduction of odours and grease filtering. Conventional extractor hoods work extremely hard for a limited result. BORA, however, have a smart and highly effective solution. An intelligently used flow speed and innovative motor technology guide vapours directly to their destination allow a BORA kitchen extractor to achieve a 100% cleanrate at head height, a result conventional extractor hoods can only dream of.

An extractor that performs as well as it should

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The BORA range

Bora pure induction hob This BORA Pure hob with its iconic customisable extraction vent and sleek easy-clean design is the entry-level BORA induction hob designed to be flush fit into your worktop. Puristic, simple, minimalist design, this induction hob with built-in extractor performs excellently and looks wonderful.

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Bora classic hob The BORA Classic is a modular cooking system to give you maximum flexibility. With automatic extraction and minimalistic design, the BORA cooktop extractor can be combined with one, three or more of the available cooktops. Select from the BORA gas hob, BORA induction hob, BORA wok or BORA Teppanyaki grill.

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bora professional hobBORA professional is their award-winning “Best of the best” professional cooking system. A modular system just like the BORA Classic, this worktop extractor promises to revolutionise the kitchen

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