Corian Worktops – Everything you need to know about our favourite worksurface

Corian Worktop with seamless splashback

Corian worktops

Corian worktops are by far the most popular choice for our clients. They offer a great value, super quality, hygienic solution for the kitchen. They’re firm favourites with those who hate the idea of a lifetime of silicone maintenance and love the thought of a seam-free, germ-free surface.
What is Corian made of?
Corian is a thermoset epoxy, manufactured by Dupont which comprises of 1/3 acrylic resin (PMMA polymethyl methacrylate) and 2/3 natural minerals. It contains minerals ATH (aluminium trihydrate) derived from bauxite. the main source of aluminium and, therefore, a by-product of aluminium production. Dupont Product Overview
How Corian is made?
Corian is made by pouring a heated mixture of minerals and resin into a mould to create solid sheets, because of this process, Corian is the same colour throughout. Corian is available in over 80 colours so you can be sure there will be one to perfectly match your scheme.
Is Corian environmentally friendly?
Corian comprises of aluminium bi-product, pre-consumer recycled content and off-spec Corian.
All Dupont factories comply to ISO14001
DuPont commits to their environmental responsibilities and constantly improves processes and technology to reduce waste during manufacture.
Corian uses pigments that do not contain heavy metals toxic materials or carcinogens
Corian solid surface collection either meets or exceeds emission guides for volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and have GREENGAURD GOLD certifications.

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What are the advantages of Corian worktops?

Guaranteed: 10-years
Value: Comparing quality vs cost, Corian offers superb value.
Easy Clean: Its non-porous surface means that it’s naturally stain-resistant and liquid, dirt or bacteria cannot take hold. When you see a clean Corian surface you can rest assured that it is clean.
Durable:  Surviving small nicks and cuts occurring during daily wear.
Repairable: As a renewable surface, Corian will polish back into mint condition, erasing heavy stains and scratches.
Safe: Non-toxic and non-allergenic Corian makes the perfect for bathroom and kitchen applications.
Hygenic: Corian, when fabricated, is seamless. Curved up-stands and matching sinks are also available meaning that even in the most abused and susceptible areas, high levels of hygiene can be maintained.
Colour Range: Available in 80+ solid colours   and seamless bonding there’s no limit to how you can use this material to match a scheme. Standard colours come in 12 x 760 3658mm sheets, selected colours are available in additional sizes.
Machineable: Corian is easily machined with conventional woodworking tools which means less labour and more value.
Intelligent: Capable of wireless charging, accommodating LED lighting and touch-sensitive controls, Corian is a real intelligent surface.


What are the disadvantages of Corian worktops?

Heat Sensitive: Corian is not heat proof, and although it can withstand hot temperatures its surface should be protected from hot pans.
Dullness: As a soft material Corian does scratch and marked easily. In time the surface becomes a patina of scuffs and can lead to the work surface looking a bit dull.
Expense: When compared to cheaper options such as laminated surfaces, Corian is relatively expensive.
Scratches: Scratches on the darker Corian colour palate show much easier than on lighter colours. We don’t recommend dark colours in areas of high use.
Colour Variation: Because of its manufacturing methods Corian is subject to slight colour variations. Colour checking is essential before fabrication.
Chemical Damage: Unable to withstand strong acid attacks from chemicals such as acetone, sulphuric acid and paint remover, Corian is susceptible to harsh chemical damage.
Recyclability: Corian is non-recyclable but is reusable.

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Corian vs Silestone

Cheaper // Expensive
Solid Surface // Engineered Stone
10 year warranty // 25 year warranty
Non porous // Slightly porous
Repairable // Non repairable
Easy care // Needs some care
Poor resistance to scratching // High resistance to scratching
80+ Colours // 90+ colours
Sensitive to heat // Sensitive to heat
Sensitive to acid // Not sensitive to acid
No Radon // Low or no Radon
Resistant to mould and bacteria // Resistant to mould and bacteria


Corian Care

Corian – How to clean a Corian worktop
Just like most surfaces, a quick wipe down with warm soapy water then a quick dry with a soft cloth will do a fine job of Corian’s daily care. You can tackle more stubborn dirt with a rub down using an ammonia-based cleaner. Unless you’ve a high gloss or dark Corian surface if staining does happen, use a cream cleaner followed by a secondary wipe-down with warm soapy water to remove the grittiness of the cream cleaner.
For nail varnish spills, you’ll need a non-acetone nail polish remover for this, and please do rinse the surface carefully afterwards. Do not use acetone. If the stain is still visible aftercare, please contact us.
How to clean a Corian sink
To clean your Corian sink, remove any food and debris, fill your sink 1/3 parts bleach/water, then open a window for ventilation and leave it for 30 minutes while you have a brew. After a rinse your sink should now look great. To avoid having to do this too often, we recommend using a good slug of hot water to rinse away any leftovers. Eventually, tea and coffee will start to stain Corian if you leave them lurking.
Corian – Can it be repaired? I’ve damaged it.
As a relatively soft material, Corian can be damaged by accidental nicks and cut from knives and other sharp implements. However, one of the great things about Corian is that you can repair it, so damaging your gorgeous new Corian surface isn’t the end of the world (even if it feels like it). Just get in touch and we’ll contact
Are Corian countertops heat resistant?
Corian doesn’t take kindly to having hot pans or similar items placed on its surface. Blistering can happen if you do this, and although repairable, we don’t recommend that you think of repairs as part of your general cleaning regime. We would always recommend the use of a pan stand or trivet.
Corian care instructions

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