The Seymours

The Seymours love to cook, so their naked birch plywood kitchen was created to work seamlessly around a beloved navy blue freestanding range that’s central to our scheme. Lots of open work surface was provided to make sure all kitchen activities had plenty of space. To perfectly accommodate their fluctuating family dining requirements, a second 2-zone induction hob was incorporated into the main island for using at quieter times. The island was designed to lead onto an informal dining area, and by housing the 2-zone hob it also facilitated a breakfast bar area as well as a pop-up power socket for small household appliances. Leading on from the dining zone, the room stretched to a small lounge area so that the family could gather around to chat, work and eat. The point of this room was to really become the core of the household, and as the client commented afterwards, they barley spend time in the other rooms of the house now because the new kitchen layout provides everything they needed in one place.

As a kitchen material, birch plywood has a lovely honesty about it and is one of the few manufactured panels that can be used naked like this. We treat our birch plywood kitchen panels with nothing more than hard wax oil, and when they’re looked after and treated with a little respect, they’ll look great for many years to come. In a kitchen like this, the best thing about naked birch plywood is that it can be re-accessorised and given a new colour relatively cheaply if the client chooses to in the future. This makes it perfect for repurposing into items like new splash backs, open shelving, or even flooring.

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Kitchen Cabinets - Birch Plywood | Worktop - Dekton
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