The Welchs

This hugely colourful green, orange and blue plywood kitchen was designed for an extension to a Victorian terrace. It’s not obvious from the photographs but, if you look closely, you can see how it demonstrates the benefits of a bespoke kitchen solution. Take a closer look at the chimney breast. It’s a subtle difference, but can you see how the three drawer base unit tapers back towards it? This is to allow the space to flow. If we’d fitted a standard base unit, it would have projected into the room far too much, giving the room an abrupt and unnecessary corner on that particular run. Instead, we softened the blow here – and then again around the support for the extension – by continuing around it with some shallow cupboards, once again helping the scheme to flow effortlessly.
A bespoke kitchen really comes into its own when there are challenging elements to deal with, like when the client is set on having a quality solution that will last for a long time, or when they want to express their personality through colour. With our kitchens, we use plywood carcasses because we know they’ll withstand everyday kitchen use as well as the odd burst pipe under the sink (our own show kitchen has survived severe flooding, so we’ve definitely put this claim to the test). We offer our clients a full range of hard-wearing laminate colours too, allowing them limitless options for their scheme. They might be reassuringly simple in design and construction, but every kitchen we produce embodies the personality of its owner, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Kitchen Cabinets   -  Birch Plywood    |    Worktop  -  Corian
Kitchen Doors and Drawers  -  Green, Orange and Blue Coloured Laminate    |    Appliances  -  Siemens