The Buglers

The Bugler's blue and orange plywood kitchen is set in a generously proportioned traditional Yorkshire farmhouse. We had plenty of space to play with, allowing us to create an island unit as well as wall units. The main feature of this kitchen is the open shelving display unit, which we designed to run up and around the opening to the dining room, and to which we added lighting and coloured back boards in blue, orange and green. Once lit, these open coloured elements help to give the kitchen real ‘wow factor’ and create a vibrant atmosphere for the client to spend time in. Blue and orange isn't a common kitchen colour choice but, as you can see, the colours actually work really well together, and we love that our client was bold enough to opt for something just that little bit different. We think the choice perfectly reflected their personality.

Plywood kitchen gallery.

Kitchen Cabinets - European Oak Veneered Birch Plywood | Worktop - Silestone 'blanco maple'
Open Shelving Units - Blue, Orange and Green Coloured Laminate & European oak veneer | Flooring - Engineered Solid Oak

Client Comments

There was lots of planning and careful thought with us being involved throughout; followed up with meticulous design and workmanship. The end result looks great, works as it should and is wearing well.
Sandra & Jules

The Buglers