The Bradys

We always put our clients’ needs at the very heart of what we do, and a perfect example of this is the Brady’s orange and yellow plywood kitchen. The brief for this kitchen was very specific. Firstly, create a space with no kitchen features behind the chef. Secondly, incorporate a small separate utility within the room. Based on these requirements, we disrupted the traditional kitchen model of running units along the walls, instead creating the main run as a striking ‘peninsula’, perpendicular to the outside wall. This peninsula became the hub for the main kitchen activities, housing on one side the sink, cooker, bin and cutlery, and on the other side accommodating the family with a breakfast bar and under-counter storage. On the entrance wall we housed all of the tall units to avoid intruding on the view when entering the room. As the chef’s work surface on the main peninsula was limited, we introduced a pop-up table under the window, along with extra work surface in between the tall units; perfect for toasting and microwaving activities. On the other side of the room, we created a small utility area for the washing machine, a sink and some more storage for household goods. Lastly, we used a number of push-release door mechanisms to create a flush-faced and handleless kitchen.

Plywood kitchen gallery.

Kitchen Cabinets - Birch Plywood | Kitchen Doors, Open Shelving Units and Drawers - Yellow and Orange Laminate, Birch Plywood | Worktop - Birch Plywood

Client Comments

Wood & Wire were great, they were very professional and accommodating.

The Bradys