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This matte black laminated plywood kitchen with mirror splashback is an excellent choice for this open plan kitchen-living area. Mirror splashbacks help to give added dimension to areas that would otherwise feel a little cramped, and are great to use when there isn’t the option to have a lovely view from either your sink or cooker. As you can see in this case, the cooker faces the wall but with the addition of the mirror splashback the chef doesn’t need to miss out on any of kitchen activities.

Plywood kitchen gallery.

Kitchen Cabinets - Birch plywood | Worktop - Corian | Kitchen Doors and Drawers - Black Coloured Laminate, Birch Plywood | Appliances - Siemens

Client Comments

As ever, wonderful design and craftsmanship.
Excellent customer service.
Wood and Wire is one of my favourite shopping experiences.
So lucky they're so near.

The Hartshornes