The Greenwoods

This gorgeous colourful kitchen needs no introduction: we think it’s our most colourful one ever! For the brief, our clients wanted to embrace and express their creativity while giving a nod to the kitchen’s history within a Victorian terrace. The large larder cupboard in the corner of the room does just that. Typical of large Victorian alcove cupboards, and filling the corner of the room, this tall larder cupboard features both drawers and cupboards – perfect for storing oodles of kitchen and household items. In the centre of the room the large cherry veneer kitchen island houses the sink and integrated recycling bin system, while behind it the major cooking services and fridge freezer are housed in tall cupboards next to the wall, so they don’t obstruct the view on entry. The hob sits centrally within this work surface, flanked by drawer-cupboard combination units that are really handy if extra drawers are needed but losing cupboard space isn't acceptable. Above them the cupboards reach almost to the ceiling, which again is a great way of gaining extra storage space from a scheme.

Kitchen Cabinets - Birch Plywood | Kitchen Doors, Drawers, Open Units - Fuscia, Purple and Blue Laminate, Cherry Veneer | Worktop - Silestone