The Dietzs

This black and Oak plywood kitchen sits at the heart of an expansive new extension. Flooded with light and highlighted with gorgeous plum hues, the Dietz’s sophisticated colour choice works wonderfully in this space. Here, the black appears almost blue in some lights, as the scheme seems to warm or cool depending on the tone of the day’s natural light. The scheme itself is clearly a game of two halves. The tall black units recede into the background, while the run of Oak veneer wall and base units takes centre stage, housing within it the hob, pan drawer and extractor unit. Facing into the dining area, the long run of open book shelving really helps define the space, while behind it hides the main workings of the kitchen, like the sink, dishwasher and integrated recycling bin. A well-placed peninsula allows for simultaneous chit-chat and food prep in this multi-use family hub.

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