We were super-excited to get the chance to design this 70's style plywood kitchen in gorgeous green and orange for our client: an avid mid-century style enthusiast. Ian was keen to express his love of green throughout the scheme, even right down to the fleck running through the dining table surface that we made to match the kitchen units. The challenge for this kitchen was to maintain a sense of unity for the scheme while accommodating free-standing elements like the washer. Without any additional utility room, we designed the whole laundry area to be hidden within a tall larder cupboard which helped keep the space uniformed and uncluttered. Colour-wise, we let the main part of the kitchen do all the talking and receded the larder cupboards back into the distance with the matte black laminated plywood surface. In true 70's style, the dining table was nestled perfectly in the centre of the space, allowing for any major kitchen preparations to be done sitting down. The 70's was a great era for kitchens, when colours went wild and ‘avocado’ was almost obligatory! As big fans of mid-century styling ourselves, we love to see these colour combos and design attitudes being re-imagined and applied to how we live today. We definitely think that Ian’s new kitchen has achieved it brilliantly.

Plywood kitchen gallery.

Kitchen Cabinets - Birch Plywood | Worktop - Dekton
Open Shelving Units - Orange Coloured Laminate | Kitchen Doors and Drawers - Black, Green and Orange Coloured Laminate

Client Comments

Both the design and workmanship are superb.