Plywood Staircases

Plywood Staircases – The Modern Choice

A plywood staircase is the quintessential modern staircase. Plywood staircases have gained in popularity in recent years due to their versatility, affordability, and aesthetic appeal. The aesthetic impact of a well-detailed plywood staircase cannot be overstated as a focal point for the entire home. Plywood has an inherent beauty which lends itself to those wanting more than your average set of stairs. Plywood staircases are cost-effective when compared to traditional solid wood or metal alternatives. In terms of sustainability, a plywood staircase aligns with eco-friendly design principles. We use plywood and wood veneers from responsibly managed forests. The engineered nature of plywood minimizes waste during production.

Plywood Staircase Design

At Wood & Wire, we’re plywood specialists. We’re able to facilitate design professionals, develop staircase designs and bring those concepts to life. Plywood is an excellent choice of material for any modern staircase design. Its inherent strength enables the creation of lightweight staircases, which simplifies the installation process, providing increased design freedom. Plywood stair designs are adaptable and suit various architectural styles and spaces.  For specifiers and clients, a bespoke staircase provides design flexibility and allows seamless integration with the rest of the renovated layout. A custom-made staircase allows clients and practices to innovate bespoke under-stairs storage or incorporate clever designs beneath or alongside the staircase such as in our staircase bookshelf. A successful staircase design wields the power to transform a project, quite literally taking it to the ‘next level’.

Plywood Staircase Fabrication

We have a team of master craftsmen based at our UK workshop who carefully manufacture and install all of our bespoke plywood staircases to our exacting standards.

Our Values 

Creativity: Timeless designs that live beyond the trends of fashion. Interesting solutions to everyday problems.

Quality: Furniture that performs brilliantly, made with longevity in mind. Surviving life’s everyday wear and tear for generations to come.

Craft: Investing in the continuation of our craft. Supporting our local industry, and nurturing new talent.

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