Wood & Wire Commercial

Commercial Furniture Manufacturer

At Wood & Wire we’re all about interiors – every single aspect of them.  From starting out as cabinet makers and furniture designers, we’ve spent many years expanding our specialist skills working in these areas. We are a commercial furniture manufacturer with extensive experience creating bespoke plywood furniture. We work with designers and architects offering a full design and manufacturing service. Or, should you already have your own design concept, we can work with you to manufacture to your specification.

Bespoke Commercial Furniture

We’re always on hand to provide essential manufacturing and technical expertise. We regularly find ways to deliver cost-effective solutions for the client that they love. Our portfolio contains a range of bespoke commercial furniture projects from around the UK. With a varied portfolio like ours, we understand the special challenges and different priorities it takes to excel at this kind of work.

Commercial Design Service

Do you need a complete commercial interior design service? We’ve got a clear understanding of how to get the very best from any given space. From the floor you walk on to the lights above you and everything in between.  We think colour, texture and finish are just as important as functionality, which is why we never compromise on either.  We bring design continuity and consistency of finish to every job we do leaving you with unique spaces as great looking as they are easy and satisfying to use.

So, do you love plywood and need a commercial furniture manufacturer? Or, do you require a full design service for your next commercial project? Whatever you need we’re sure that we can help.

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